Premises Liability Claims

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When a welcomed guest or visitor is injured on someone else’s property, the controller or owner of that property can be found liable for damages, even if they were not around when the accident happened. This is a legal concept known as premises liability, which states that homeowners, property controllers, store managers, and so forth always have an inherent responsibility to protect their guests from unreasonable harm. If you were hurt on another person’s property, you may need to make a premises liability claim to seek compensation.

Types of accidents associated with premises liability claims include:

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Unreasonable Danger Defined

The timeline of a premises liability claim is crucial to how it will play out. Property owners can only be held accountable for injuries that are caused by unreasonable dangers or hazards that should have been addressed before the accident took place. If the hazard existed for a brief period of time or in an unexpected location, some of the liability could fall upon the victim.

For example: If you slipped on a puddle of water leaking from the sink in the restroom at a restaurant, you could have a solid premises liability claim. The restaurant owner should have hourly inspections of the bathroom and should have known about a leaky sink readily.

For example: If you were in line at a retail store and slipped in a puddle of soda the shopper standing in front of you just dropped, the store owner would likely not be held accountable; not enough time would have passed between the moment the spill occurred and your fall, and it would be unreasonable to expect the owner to immediately retrieve a mop. You could possibly sue the person who dropped the beverage, however.

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Before you can truly benefit from a premises liability case, you need to first know your rights in a personal injury claim. Our goal is to educate you in your rights and help you fight for them in and out of court. Through dedication and know-how, our Cape Code personal injury attorney could lead you to a more comfortable tomorrow.

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