Car Accident Checklist

If you are in a motor vehicle accident it is important that you perform the following things in order to assure that you may be covered by your insurance and possibly the other insurance company(ies) involved.

1. Remain as calm as possible.

2. Call the police and or 911 (if necessary) in order that the police and/or emergency personnel can come to the scene;

3. Make sure that you receive the other driver's information, including name, date of birth, the owner and operator of the other vehicle, telephone number and insurance company. If possible, make sure to view the other driver's registration when exchanging information.

4. Obtain names of any witnesses at the scene of the accident.

5. Photograph the accident scene and damage, if obtainable.

I have seen the other driver involved in the accident give false or made up information when exchanging information. This can have harsh implications to your collision, rental, and/or bodily injury claim pertaining to your motor vehicle accident. As a Bourne car accident attorney, I can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

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