Liability for Left-Turn Accidents

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Whatever kind of traffic accident you are involved in, you need the representation of a skillful accident attorney on your side. My name is Scott B. Brilliant from the Law Office of Scott B. Brilliant, and I am a Cape Cod personal injury attorney with hundreds of thousands recovered for clients, and extensive experience as an insurance adjuster. This means that I know how to utilize the various aspects in your case to your advantage, and to effectively pursue maximum recovery.

Who is at fault for a left-turn accident?

In the majority of left-turn accidents, the driver making the left-turn is held liable for the accident. Traffic safety law in Massachusetts dictates stringent rules for drivers making a left turn, as this turn is often the most dangerous. Drivers must signal 100 feet before turning and use caution while making the turn, waiting until it is completely safe to proceed. After an accident, most insurance companies will presume that the driver making the turn did not exercise enough caution when making the turn, and therefore should be held responsible. If you were the turning driver in a left-turn accident, then one primary concern is to show that you were not responsible for the accident.

Proving Fault in a Car Accident

  1. The other driver ran a red light.
  2. An unexpected obstruction caused you to slow down or stop.
  3. The other driver was speeding.

If one of these is not applicable, you may be able to show the other driver's liability if they disobeyed another traffic law. Left-turn accidents can be extremely difficult to prove, so please don't hesitate to consult with my firm before making a claim.

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