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Can I Recover Compensation for Falling on the Ice This Winter?

According to Boston's National Weather Service, this year was Massachusetts snowiest winter of all time. Record-breaking snow fall led to power outages, cancelled days of school, and worst of all, accidents. Traffic and pedestrian accidents alike resulted in numerous injuries throughout the season all because of the inclement weather conditions.

Now that the snow is finally beginning to melt, many of those who suffered injuries are beginning to think about taking legal action. After all, numerous accidents were caused by someone else's carelessness. But does the same hold true for a slip and fall accident on the ice?

Claims for Ice Falls May be Difficult to Support

When filing a slip and fall claim, you must prove that the property owner caused the dangerous surface to exist and did nothing to reduce the risk. Common examples of such a claim include a slippery walkway at a grocery store or a rough patch of ground at a resort.

Proving negligence can be extremely difficult when you've fallen on ice. Ice is a natural result of the winter weather and not necessarily a product of someone else's carelessness. At one point, Massachusetts law only said that property owners were liable for injuries caused by "unnatural" accumulations of ice. The law has recently changed to say that property owners are required to exhibit "reasonable care" when maintaining their property. This might mean salting the sidewalks, using signs to warn others of the risks, or plowing away the snow.

For this reason, it can be quite complex to prove that a property owner failed to act reasonably. What appears reasonable to one person may be the opposite for someone else. So while it won't be impossible to recover compensation for your slip and fall accident on the ice, it will take the determination of a skilled Bourne personal injury lawyer.

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